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Compass Homes QLD - Ensuring the highest standards in building

Compass Homes QLD - Setting a new direction in building and design

Compass Homes QLD is an independently owned and run building company that offers a range of design, building and construction services within Brisbane.  

New to Compass!!!

VR Concept Design Packages, utilising the latest technology in immersive virtual reality to bring your home design to life! 

Click on the design services page today to learn more about this exciting new offering.

Meeting Your Standards

At Compass Homes QLD, we not only pride ourselves on our creativity and quality of workmanship, but also on our professionalism and high standard of customer service. We understand that no two clients are alike, and take an individual approach to each new building project we take on. We provide personalised, unique and creative solutions to suit the needs of our clients.

Our Guarantee

At Compass Homes QLD, we guarantee our clients the highest level of building and design services. It is our priority to deliver your home on time and within budget. Our quality guarantee covers all our building and design projects, ensuring you are secure in the knowledge that we stand by our services.

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